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Yoga in Birmingham, suitable for all levels of ability.


The Gentle Rebel teaches a few different styles of yoga from his purpose-built yoga studio in Digbeth. 

Many people in the UK approach yoga as an 'exercise system', however yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy capable of profound physical and mental transformation.

Some benefits of the yoga classes available in the studio in Birmingham;

Increased strength

Flexibility & mobility

Stress relief

Increased energy

Overall wellbeing

Balance energy centres

Unlock hidden potential

Move better

The Gentle Rebel is a Shamanic Yogi who teaches traditional Yoga in Birmingham from his purpose-built yoga studio in Digbeth. He has taught all over the world, including India, the birthplace of yoga.

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gentle rebel shamanic yogi

The Gentle Rebel is a Shamanic Yogi, martial artist, writer & speaker who helps people awaken the warrior within through ancient teachings for modern times.

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