The Gentle Rebel. Wellbeing Coach.

Providing simple, impactful and universal methods, coupled with highly engaging stories and anecdotes. 

The Gentle Rebel has worked with hundreds and people. Teaching mindfulness, meditation and coaching people in mental health.

"If you can see your future, you can create it."

The Gentle Rebel

Helping you to take control of your wellbeing.

There's one thing we all have in common - We'd all like to feel better. Wellbeing is balance and harmony mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Learn the ancient teachings for modern times and take your health into your hands.

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At my studio, at your place, or via the internet.

Group Sessions

At work, or small classes and workshops.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Using meditation as a powerful tool. Mindfulness plans & beyond

Regression & Trauma work

See Shamanic Practices page for more info

Psychospiritual Therapy

A holistic therapy for improving mental health

Thai Yoga Massage

Ancient healing practice for deep relaxation and rejuvenation

Wellbeing with The Gentle Rebel

Helping you take responsibility for your wellbeing

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The Gentle Rebel is an shamanic yoga elder who helps people awaken the warrior within through the ancient wisdom of yoga, shamanism and martial arts.

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Ancient teachings for modern times

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