The Weird Origins of Santa

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The Weird Origins of Santa

Written by The Gentle Rebel
Shamanic yogi, martial artist, writer & speaker. 

I thought I’d share some interesting facts about Santa and how it links to yoga. Stick with me, I think it’s worth it!

So, the Santa Claus story comes from a few traditions, but a little know part of the Santa story traces back to the Siberian shamans…

It is said, these ancient shamans gave magic mushrooms, or ‘holy mushrooms’ (technically named Amanita Muscaria), as gifts in late December. Access to the huts where tribe members lived were blocked with snow, so the mushrooms would be delivered via the chimney – sounding familiar yet?

Christmas cards like this were popular in the Victorian era, with no explanation of the origin!

These highly hallucinogenic mushrooms were found underneath pine trees and were picked and hung to dry on the pine trees. These mushrooms are the bright red ones with white spots. Imagine those brightly coloured mushrooms hanging off the pine trees – I’ll never look at a Christmas tree in the same way now!

Amanita Muscaria and the Santa Story

Now these holy mushrooms have provided shamans (and yogis) with truly transformative visions and deep knowledge, however they can be highly poisonous. So the shaman gave the mushrooms to their reindeer (a sacred shamanic animal in Siberia and across ancient Europe), this made the reindeer very high – Hmm, so that’s how Rudolph managed to fly! Rudolph also had a red nose, like the red mushroom!

The shaman would then collect and drink the reindeers wee – the reindeer filters out the poison thus making the highly hallucinogenic wee safe to drink (tasty!?)

The shaman even used to dress up in a red suit (sometimes with white spots), as part of the mushroom eating ceremony. 

Finally, this links to yoga… There are many ancient yogic texts which refer to a mysterious drink called Soma. These texts do not specify what Soma is, and to this day we don’t know for sure, however many academic researchers have suggested that Soma was made from the holy mushroom –  Amanita Muscaria!

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