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The Weird Origins of Santa

I thought I'd share some interesting facts about Santa and how it links to yoga. Stick with me, I think it's worth it! So, the Santa Claus story comes from a few traditions, but a little know part of the...

Recipe for Theobroma; Drink of the Gods

Do you drink coffee?  One minute it's good for you, the next it's bad. Who should we believe? For me, it's a matter of listening to your body. I love coffee, but if I drink it every day I get...

The secret to Sacred meditation

I recommend reading the instructions and then practising somewhere quiet with your eyes closed; INSTRUCTIONS It requires you to use your imagination. Visualise a bright candle. The candle represents your awareness. Now visualise a vast space, within this space reside...

Spirituality is not ‘love and light’

The term ‘love and light’ is a common phrase coined by the new age movement. But it’s deceptive. The new age movement romanticises many philosophical concepts from eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism.  In doing so it renders the teachings...

The Source of All is in Everything

The source of all is in everything, it is everything, there is nothing else. To meditate is to become aware. So if we meditate on the source of all. We become aware that there is nobody meditating, there is just...

I think, therefore I am.
I feel, therefore what?

The philosopher, Descartes theorised that;  Thoughts create who we are. I'd tend to agree and I'd like to add that; 'Feeling' is the language of the universe. This can be a difficult concept to grasp. Why? Well, we get taught...

When you wish upon a star.
Fairy tale or ancient knowledge?

Remember the song 'When you wish upon a star" from Disney's Pinocchio? There's a deep meaning behind this song regarding ancient knowledge about manifestation. - The truth, hidden in plain sight. First, a quick break down of the first verse,...

Spirituality is for losers

The following poem is the introduction to my up-coming book, also titled Spirituality is for losers. Lose the limiting beliefs you place upon yourself to become boundless. Lose the need to do, so that you can just be. Lose your sense...

Does survival of life require the eating of life?

Question asked by Jack Newburg. In terms of eating animals: Human beings do not need to consume other sentient beings to survive. In terms of eating life: We need an input of energy to survive. Plants are life. Survival is...

Is smiling and being happy the purpose of living?

Question asked by Jack Newburg. Most people’s idea of happiness is not the purpose of life, in fact not even desirable. Happiness often becomes a craving for many people, adding meaningless things to their life in pursuit of more happiness....

"Helping people awaken the warrior within has been one of life’s most magnificent gifts."

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The Gentle Rebel is a Shamanic Yogi, martial artist, writer & speaker who helps people awaken the warrior within through ancient teachings for modern times.

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