Spirituality is not ‘love and light’

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Spirituality is not ‘love and light’

Written by The Gentle Rebel
Shamanic yogi, martial artist, writer & speaker. 

The term ‘love and light’ is a common phrase coined by the new age movement. But it’s deceptive.

The new age movement romanticises many philosophical concepts from eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism.  In doing so it renders the teachings fruitless.

The new age may seem shiny but leads to a dead-end.

So the romantic notion of ‘love and light’ seems harmless enough, but let’s examine it further.

Using the principle of Yin and Yang we can observe how the two opposite sides (the black and white) come together to make the perfect whole. The black represents bad. The white represents good.

The dominant black area of the symbol represents the things we label bad, such as illness, loss of a loved one and suffering. For everything bad that happens, there is also good – Represented by the small white dot.

Vice versa the dominant white area representing wellness, love and abundance, contains a small black dot. So to say, for everything good that happens there is some bad. The latter is harder to contemplate but can be easier to comprehend if you think about the times you’ve felt filled with joy, followed by the commiseration when that joy ended.

This illustrates that nothing is permanent. In Sanskrit, this is called ‘anitya’ the belief that every single thing is impermanent and constantly changing.

During spiritual development, one’s awareness increases. With this increased awareness, you may see how everything is interconnected, just like the wholeness of Yin and Yang.

To make our spiritual practice whole, it is important to realise the darkness within you. The grandfather of psychology, Carl Jung called this ‘shadow work’, where we identify the darkness that lies within us. To accept the dark is terrifying, but essential work. When we bury our issues and masquerade in new age ideology it can be compared to the proverbial ‘sweeping the dust under the carpet’. The dust is still there, we’re just hiding it. It is not until we commit to shadow work we realise that there is no external enemy, the enemy is within us.

In shadow work, we learn if you hate someone or something, it is only a part of yourself you hate. It is a symbol of you not accepting your own darkness.

Through shadow work, you may come to accept your darkness and with the acceptance, the dark does not destroy the light; it defines it.


One Love

The Gentle Rebel

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  1. Trent on December 23, 2019 at 22:27

    Someone had to say it! I’ve been thinking the same recently.

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