Question asked by Jack Newburg

Is smiling and being happy the purpose of living?

Is smiling and being happy the purpose of living?

Question asked by Jack Newburg.

Most people’s idea of happiness is not the purpose of life, in fact not even desirable.

Happiness often becomes a craving for many people, adding meaningless things to their life in pursuit of more happiness. The need to cling to happiness. This is the seeking of external stimulation, it’s not happiness.

The big secret is that there is NO purpose to life.

The idea of purpose keeps us looking for one.

In experiencing that there is no purpose, one becomes free and then everything has purpose as you realise everything in interconnected. So therefore every single thing has purpose regardless of how good or bad, big or small, comfortable or uncomfortable.

You see, in trying to comprehend the world and environment around us we see separateness. This is useful if we are to take part in the game of life. This separateness is only an illusion though.

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