How to raise your consciousness starting now (part one)

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How to raise your consciousness starting now (part one)

Written by The Gentle Rebel
Shamanic yogi, martial artist, writer & speaker. 

In this short series, I’ll be exploring some ideas that you can implement right now to start raising your level of consciousness. The aim is to keep the information bite-sized, because let’s face it, we’re experiencing information overload in our society, yet we seem disproportionately disconnected, unhappy and unfulfilled. Trouble is, we know all this ‘stuff‘ but knowledge by itself is not enough, We must apply it. Yep, you have to do the work. And then you have to do it some more. Consistency is key.

So starting today, I have a challenge for you…

Instead of adding something to your existing routine, you’re going to be removing three things, thus making your life more simple and meaningful.

This idea was inspired by the work of the most amazing, Satish Kumar. I attended his talk yesterday on ‘humility’. I’ve admired Satish for many years and I highly recommend his most recent book Elegant Simplicity.

Let’s get started

I’m encouraging you to implement this right away and to try this for 7 days (please comment below if you try it).

So, the first thing is:

1. Stop Criticising.

The need to criticise comes from arrogance – Thinking you are above, or better than someone else. When we begin to stop criticising, we open up to acceptance and open the door to let in forgiveness, eventually opening and softening your heart.

Next time the impulse to criticise comes up, just observe and see where it comes from. Check in to see if it’s coming from a place of fear and arrogance. When the impulse to criticise arises, it’s worthwhile remembering that we are all on a different journey in life. I like to remind myself that ‘we are all doing the best we can, with what we know, in any given situation

2. Stop Comparing.

The second thing we’re going to be giving up is comparing. We’re always doing it. Increasingly so when we engage with social media. This can end up leading to feelings of insecurity and separation.

My tip to get a grip on comparing is as follows;

  1. Go outdoors, to a park if you can.
  2. Sit by some trees. Take in the beauty of one of the trees, look at her colours and shape and feel her presence.
  3. Then focus your attention on a different tree, noting appearance, shape, colour, and how she makes you feel.
  4. Then use your child-like imagination and give the second tree a voice. Imagine the tree speaking and saying she’s so unhappy because she wants to be like the ‘other’ tree.

The idea being that you will notice how funny this is and you will see and experience how both trees are beautiful in their own way and both give and take different things. Example; If you want an apple, you go to the apple tree. If you want a plum, you go to the plum tree. What happens when the apple tree wishes it could produce plums? You get what I’m saying? But I encourage you to go out and sit with trees to experience this yourself.

3. Stop Complaining.

How many times a day do you complain? You might not even be aware of it. Or, it might be just a complaining voice in your head. But each time you complain, you are affirming that you are not happy. You are affirming you are not grateful. And when you’re not grateful, that which you seek will seem further away from you. As you stop complaining and start being more grateful, you will see how gratitude is the signature of receivership. People, things and nature will become more attracted to you. Using the example of a tree again, look how the tree gives you fruit, free of charge, regardless of who you are, she offers her gifts freely to all – no complaining, no prejudice. And because of that she attracts an abundance of sentient beings in a perfect harmony of giving and receiving. 

I encourage you to treat the above exercises as a powerful ritual. Give up criticising, comparing and complaining – They enemies of acceptance and appreciation.

In the very wise words of Bruce Lee, remember…

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

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