Question asked by Emily Khan

How do you live happy without love?

How do you live happy without love?

Question asked by Emily Khan.

It is impossible to live without love. For love is life itself.

Your definition of love is likely incorrect.

Love is to just ‘be’. Imagine our planet with no people, so therefore no ideas, no projections, no theories. This is love. To experience this you must realise that all your thoughts, ideas and concepts are not real. In realising this for yourself, in feeling this, you experience love.

If you are defining love in the common view, it is not helpful.
Most people’s idea of love is completely wrong. The common view of love translates to ownership, control, fixed ideas of how ones partner should behave, act and look. This is why so many people ‘fall out of love’ – When your partner no longer fits your (illusionary) perceived ideas you hold about them, you fall out of love with them.

So to reiterate;

  1. You can’t live without real love, you were born perfect, the natural essence of you is love.
  2. You can live happily without a partner. Another person, or no external thing can bring you happiness, true happiness is from within.
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